Meet the Artists

Through their dynamic and diverse works, they aim to evoke emotions, challenge perceptions, and inspire viewers to see the world in new and profound ways.


Dmitry Karabchievsky

I rely more on my feelings rather than on thoughts and consider our subconscious and intuition to be more important and rich than our brain or intellect alone.

Alex Katsenelinboigen

As a source and inspiration for my work, I seek images that conjure up ambiguity and distortion. This dissonance often provides the impetus for the work.

Rick Mullin

My truest guides, however, are the masters, starting with the medieval Christian artists for whom the image is not an image but the revered essence.

Andrey Tamarchenko

Observing Nature, I become part of the eternal spectacle of light penetrating matter and matter dissolving into light. An ongoing dialog between the light of Nature and the light of awareness forms the basis of my artistic inquiry

Paul Weingarten

Art is a result derived from a process that emanates from sensation. The deeper, more basic, more intensely felt the sensation, the greater the opportunity to see, clarify, and transfer it to canvas or paper. Of all sensations, the most important in this process is pain.

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