Dmitry Karabchievsky

1967 – 2022

Dmitry Karabchievsky, born in Moscow, Russia, in 1967, is a painter whose life and work have traversed continents, leaving a mark on the global art scene. His story is one of a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and a nomadic existence that has shaped his unique perspective.

Early on, Dmitry began his artistic journey under the guidance of the eminent Russian painter, Boris Birger. This invaluable mentorship, coupled with his innate talent and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, laid the foundation for Dmitry’s artistic expression. Later periods of Dmitry’s self-discovery and self-teaching added depth and authenticity to his work.

In 1990, Dmitry took a momentous leap by relocating to the United States. From there, he would subsequently alternate his residence between various cities, including Boston, Maine, Moscow, and Paris, France. This nomadic lifestyle not only exposed him to diverse cultures but also infused his art with a rich tapestry of experiences and influences. Each location left its imprint on his work, making it a truly global oeuvre.

He was able to achieve significant recognition. His artworks have found homes in the collections of discerning art enthusiasts around the world, spanning Russia, the United States, France, and Israel. This global reach attests to the universal appeal of his art, transcending geographical boundaries to touch the hearts and souls of collectors from different corners of the globe.

Through his paintings, Dmitry has created a bridge that connects cultures and brings people from diverse backgrounds together in their appreciation of the timeless beauty of art.


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