Art for Israel

We are inspired by the success of our recent art show in support of Ukraine and look forward to continuing this spirit of solidarity and compassion. We are thrilled to announce our next event, “Art for Israel,” where we proudly present original, curated high-quality artworks at affordable prices. Join us at @Bris Avrohom of Fair Lawn, on 12.31.2023, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, for an inspiring evening filled with creativity, unity, and support for a meaningful cause.


A diverse collection of artworks by American talents.

Virtual or on-site engagement with the artists.

Refreshments and a vibrant atmosphere.

At Shalart, we believe in the transformative power of art to inspire change. Join us in making a resounding statement against antisemitism and contributing to those in need.

Why Your Support Matters

A large portion of funds raised from this art show will be directed towards two causes:

  • Magen David Adom, a charitable organization actively engaged in providing humanitarian aid, medical assistance, and essential resources to those in need.
  • Hostage and Missing Families Forum. The forum offers families holistic medical and emotional support as well as professional assistance.

How You Can Contribute

Attend the event and acquire inspiring artworks.
Spread the word to amplify our collective impact.
Get involved or contribute refreshments for the event.

Let’s come together as a community to make a positive impact. Your participation in “Art for Israel” will not only support American artists but also contribute to aiding the civilian population in Israel.

Thank you for being part of our journey!


Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out to Natasha Shalayeva for additional details concerning the exhibition or for any media-related inquiries. She can be contacted via email at

Natasha Shalayeva, Shalart Gallery founder
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