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Throughout history, El Greco and Goya, Van Gogh and Kokoschka, and countless others, explored the expressive power of painting and its inherent ability to convey and evoke emotions.

This art focuses on the individual but speaks to the universal. It celebrates the moment, yet transcends time and place. By not shying away from suffering, it inspires compassion.

Shalart Gallery represents contemporary artists who embrace and continue this humanist tradition.

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Dmitry Karabchievsky

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We’re on a mission to keep the heart and soul of art alive. Uncover the art that resonates across generations. Get ready to be moved and inspired.

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As a source and inspiration for my work, I seek images that conjure up ambiguity and distortion. This dissonance often provides the impetus for the work.

Alex Katsenelinboigen

My truest guides, however, are the masters, starting with the medieval Christian artists for whom the image is not an image but the revered essence.

Rick Mullin

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